How To Play
Cross-Country-Skiing: Move mouse left/right to keep the skier on track and click left mouse button to increase power. If your skier goes off track he will slide back on course easier if you reduce power and guide him back. If your skier works too hard, he will quickly run out of stamina, making steady shooting much harder.

Shooting: Use your mouse to aim your gun at the red targets, click your left mouse button to shoot. You have 5 shots to hit each of the 5 targets, any misses will incur a 10 seconds penalty.

Ski Jump: Move your mouse up and down to keep the ski jumper balanced in the air. Use the balance metre and keep the marker in the centre to get the longest jump.

Curling: Get your 5 stones as close to the centre of the target as possible to get the maximum score. Click and drag the curler left/right to position him. Click and drag the curling stone to set the direction of your shot indicated by the arrow. Release the mouse to start the power-up then click the mouse again to make your shot with the desired power.
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